The Naked Approach

Don’t worry. You get to keep your clothes on.

Getting naked is a metaphor for taking off the mask. It’s peeling back the layers that we’ve accumulated throughout our lives.

It’s about owning our truth and baring our souls.

It’s about our mess becoming our message so that we can inspire others.

The #1 deathbed regret is: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

I stand for changing all of that.

Most of us put our passions and dreams on the back burner because people who love us tell us they’re not rooted in reality.

We try to sweep our past under the rug because we are ashamed. We’re scared people will judge us. We end up creating our futures based on the parts of our past that remain suppressed.

But, what if….

  • You finally decided to own your story (instead of your story owning you)
  • You were able to create deep, authentic connection with others based on you sharing yourself so vulnerably?
  • You could experience the cathartic feelings of liberation and freedom

That is the power of getting naked! And, this is what makes my storytelling and copywriting process so unique. We go there.

People connect with (and buy) from people. We see ourselves in each other’s story. But, you have to let them in first. You have to let them see you — like the REAL you. (At least the parts you are comfortable exposing.)

The world is craving authenticity more than ever. Technology has made us the most “connected” we’ve ever been … yet we’re actually the most disconnected from each other.

In a world where everybody is scared to just be themselves (and eventually goes to their deathbed regretting that decision), where we mostly only get to see the curated highlights reels of other people’s lives, there is a real opportunity to stand out, inspire, and elevate … just by being you.

Show up in the world as yourself — as the person you TRULY are, and everything opens up and becomes possible.

Get naked. It’s good for business and for the soul.

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