Radical Responsibility = Radical Growth

Happy New Year, sweet friends!!! 💕

For me, 2017 ended not by toasting champagne and all-night dancing [although, no judgement if that was you — I totally get that too] but, instead with a short 3-day fast and lots of introspection. In fact, I was in bed by 9pm last night. And, it was perfect. 🙂

2017: What have you brought me & taught me? This is what I sat with and pondered last night.

The highlights:

– Being divinely guided to some amazing soul-family. Grateful for those who “see” be “seen” & that we get to support each other in our divine journeys. ❤
– The growth and transformation of Blissed and getting to serve others in a meaningful way. (Going forward, I’ll still be doing some writing for others, but really looking forward to creating experiential/transformational events as the vision & mission evolves) 😊
– Travel adventures that brought blissful family memories & breathtaking views. Yes, thank you, more please. 🙏

The growth opportunities:

It has really been the year of coming into full power. I have done some deep introspection to reflect on what my soul truly desires and where my energy has been leaking. In some areas of my life, I am right where I want to be … in others, not so much.

And, I’ve realized it’s my creation. ALL of it. The good and the bad. The dark and the light.

There is something deeply empowering in taking radical responsibility for everything that has manifest in our lives. When we realize we are THAT powerful that we actually create all the glory (and the shit) in our lives … it’s really GOOD news. Because we get to uncreate and recreate. 🔥

I’m in a bit of a metaphorical burn-it-all-down phase right now, but after the flames go out, there will be an opportunity for incredible regrowth. I’m ready. And passing the torch to whoever is ready to rebirth with me. 😉

And, with that, my 2018 desires are both simple and profound:

– Tap in. Receive. On the daily. And, then put into inspired action.
– Be of service first & foremost & the money will automatically flow (but hold no attachment to that outcome)
– Articulate personal desires & boundaries unapologetically and with love, always. (This is non-negotiable.)
– Love the body as the chariot vessel of our soul it is. Keep it super-clean and humming with high-vibes to experience the best in health and spirit.
– Receive all the love and abundance that is coming. 💕 Freely, happily, and unapologetically
– And, go deeper into truth, like it’s my job. Because it is.

That’s it. This list feels easy and breezy for me. Wherever things flow, I strive to remain content. It’s ALL serving and leading.

So much love & gratitude to those who have been on this journey together & those whose paths will cross. ❤ 🙏

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