For the Strong Ones

Sometimes I write poetry.  

Except, write, isn’t quite the right verb to describe the action that takes place.  It’s more like the words swirl inside of me, incessantly, demanding my attention so that I stop whatever else I am doing and allow them to flow out.  Through my fingertips, bouncing away on the keyboard, the letters take their place in the white space. A little fussing and re-arranging and the energy and intention and artistry become just right.

And, then, sometimes I share them. Like this.  Hope you enjoy!


Be careful, strong one.
For she who moves mountains

And rises from the ashes
Over and over again.

Is not ‘allowed’ to stumble
Or to succumb to the pain

These are things that mere mortals do
And you are a warrior goddess

You can turn someone into stone with just a glare
And bend outcomes. You ARE the creator

They’ve seen you shed a thousand tears for all the rest
The animals, the children, the hungry, the oppressed

But never one single one for yourself.
Why is this?

When the weight of the world is too much to bare
And you retreat with the covers pulled up over your hair

And, you wait for that call
“I see you. I feel you.”

It doesn’t come.
Because, you are the one that overcomes.

And, you are the one that bares the pain for others.
And, the one that carries them through.

So, in those times of weakness,
It’s only you.

But, lucky, you transmute with the quickness
Turning pain into power.

You put those warrior goddess panties back on
Having shed your tears in the shower.

But, what if…
You could lean on them too?

How would it feel to be supported?
Just once, let them carry you through?

Be careful, strong one.
Your strength is your weakness too.

~Dawn Gluskin

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